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Novelist. Ghostwriter. Editor. Writing Coach. My writing takes too many forms to count. Readers tell me they can pick my writer's voice out of a line up, but that doesn't mean I can't go writer ninja. My heroes are dark, my thrillers are time-obsessed and my freelance clients are the best on the planet. Thanks for stopping by.

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Opening Lines
Six (Time Thriller, Novel)

Someone—hell, he didn’t know who—once said the Phoenix wasn’t a mythical creature at all, but a crow driven to madness. The bird, having failed to rid itself of parasites by anting or drowning or bloody self-grooming, would spread its black feathers and cook itself in flame. Some rebirth.

The Chosen One (Time Thriller, Novel)

Zac thought freedom would be different, pictured it like the first Iron City brew on the tongue of an alcoholic rescued at sea. He thought time would be a weightless two-ton coaster, ninety-one degree drop. He thought Hullaballoo cotton candy would taste sweeter and the ocean waves would crash like a damn symphony. And somewhere in his mind, he thought his family would reach out to him like a carousel’s brass ring. Turns out, freedom was a prison shank. Crafted in fear. If grabbed the wrong way, lethal.

The Night Caller (Time Thriller, Novel)

The call came before dawn. Had Evan Roth not doodled creamer art into his French Roast, he might have missed the call.

The Lost Highway (Paranormal Romance, Short Story)

Above the forgotten highway, where west Texas winds sculpted hot, liquid images against the baked asphalt, three vultures circled, emaciated and impatient.

Client Testimonials

D.F. ~ YA Realistic Fiction, Developmental Edits and Coaching
Best editor, writing coach, and cheerleader. Always finishes on time, always delivers much more than promised or expected. Can't say enough about LA Mitchell's skills, experience, wisdom, and wit. I'll be working with her again soon.
Brian Carter - Developmental, Line & Copy Edits
"Thorough? Check. Professional? Completely. Gave us the feedback we needed to take the book to a much higher level? Absolutely. Laura's participation ensured our book was as good as it could be...and even better than we expected. Highly recommended." 5-star Review - Romance Novella, Ghostwriting
Hits of literary genius and writing craft shine. Where has this author been hiding this talent?
E.V. ~ YA Horror, Developmental and Line Edit
Gracious and accommodating, thorough and intelligent, creative and resourceful, LA Mitchell is the perfect collaborator. There was nothing I could slide by her that she didn't catch. Her editing exceeded my expectations, and I know I have found a wellspring I will return to again and again. May you be so lucky to find what I have found.