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Limping Into a New Era

31st August


So the day has come when several things have happened: (1) my site is updated to reflect my freelancing and my writing, (2) my blog is co-located now, (3) the red phone booth is gone. This last item turned out to be a source of sadness for one reader who bought me this only a few months back:


Adorable, no? It’s supposed to house…well, something…but I’m not sure what. No doubt it will become a chocolate receptacle. All I know is it makes me tremendously happy to have it near me when I write. Thank you, dear reader!

So why is the red phone booth gone? Well, I needed something of my own that didn’t borrow a brand from anyone or anything else. I think you get my meaning. The time had come for a change and since freelancing is such a huge part of my writing life now, I had to find the intersection where business met with Vortex fun. I hope you find it’s still a GPS location you might want to visit from time to time.

Now that this site is crossed off my to-do list, I’m happy to usher in the fall season with a gift I haven’t given myself in quite a while – permission to work on my career. As a freelancer, it’s hard to turn away a paying client. I can make money doing what I adore, or I can live in my head for free. As with all things in life, a balance, I’m learning, is best.

The last, biggest change to happen this weekend is that I must say goodbye to my laptop. It has been languishing in computer ICU for a month now. First the screen went (and no, it wasn’t my fault – this Dell has been treated with the respect and honor of David Hasselhoff’s speedo at a nude community pool in Munich), thus the external monitor. Then the fuse for the back light blew when the new screen went in. The fuse is on the motherboard, necessitating a new motherboard. I’ll spare you the rest of the

My sparkly new one now sits on my kitchen table. It has no crumbs or white cat hair poking out from under its keys. It’s Windows 8 icons wink at me from across the room, beckoning me closer, but the sadness I feel over replacing my old laptop is profound. Crazy, I know. But as a writer, it is as much of an extension of myself as just about anything I can think of. On it, I wrote six novels, three novellas, countless articles and posts, the eulogy to my grandmother’s funeral, tens of synopses and a hundred queries. It made me forget the mind-to-hand connection in my creativity (not necessarily a good thing). Its keys have absorbed tears and spit-takes of laughter and the satisfying, heart-pounding rhythm of intense action scenes. And when I sat in the coffee shop and words would not come, I blurred myself into thought rubbing away fingerprints from its glossy edges.

Someday, my new laptop will sport similar wear and memories. For now, it feels like I’m pulling life support on an old friend.

I hope you’ll take some time to browse around. Readers and followers from my Vortex days at Blogger will find comfort in many of the same things in the author section of the site. Potential clients will find better access to information regarding my freelancing services. Everyone who visits will find me more accessible via social media.

To celebrate this new era, I’m offering a free download of “The Lost Highway,” a paranormal romantic short first published in the Wild Rose Press Anthology, Love, Texas Style. Send me a message at and let me know how you liked it.

Some People

8th January


Some people think it’s weird to celebrate the birthday of a dead guy. If that dead guy happens to be Elvis Presley then it’s understandable, if not still weird, to some. Some don’t understand why people would want to focus on something positive, like his birth, instead his sensationalized and humiliating last hours. Some don’t understand how his music and his campy, feel-good movies can be appreciated by those who had yet to be born themselves. Some won’t admit he ever had that raw, unattainable something that made them weak in their knees. Some don’t understand how his legacy translates into memories of a simpler time for generations of people who fear those days of innocence will never return.

I know some people. I am not one of them. Happy birthday, Elvis.

I also decided the telephone booth was so squee-worthy and my website was in dire need of updating, so be sure to pop over and check it out. Its simplicity is so much more me. Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Traditional or Enhanced?

25th August


Author websites have evolved. From the basic just the facts ma’am five page parking spot to a completely interactive experience that brings the author’s work alive, who’s to say what’s most effective at snagging a potential reader’s attention? Guessing here, but the closer the author gets to the saturated multi-media world, the more likely return visits translate into growing legions of fans.

Here are some I’ve stumbled across. Add your own and we’ll take the tour together…

Random House’s website for author Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and seven other novels, delivers the web browser a taste of his work. From what I can piece together, the site is most closely related to his book Rant, although it contains more information on the author than the book. Contrast that to Chuck Palahniuk’s author site, which seems as over the top as the porn queen premise for his latest book, Snuff.

Lisa Jackson’s Left to Die characters get their own webpage complete with a Darth Vader-ish metallic wheeze for ambiance. Is that Chris O’Donnell alongside an orange reptilian alien? Also available, a map of Grizzly Falls, Montana, the fictitious site of the novel.

Powerhouse Nora Roberts sticks to a more traditional web presence, the only bling a small inset commercial by Penguin Putnam touting her latest release, Tribute.

Cherry Adair, romantic thriller author, brings her T-Flac world to life. Ladies, check out her operatives.

I can’t list websites without plugging Rae Monet‘s work, a designer who created the cover art for Love, Texas Style, and whose author sites are breathtaking. While different from her typical art, her design for Colleen Collin‘s romance/mystery/PI blend seems perfect.

What kind of author site is most appealing to you?

Next up: I’ve been tagged…six unspectacular quirks about me. Seriously? Only six?