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“So You Write About Ghosts?” – a sixth grader


Aschool-93200_1280bout two weeks ago, I participated in a career day for local sixth graders. I spoke about being published and what it was like to have a book signing. I did a fun speed writing exercise which then turned into a lesson about ghostwriting, complete with money exchanging hands and someone else getting credit for the work. And we talked about what an editor does to help a story become the best it can be.

When I taught, I adored this age: old enough to have fresh ideas about the world, young enough to still be this side of sass. Today, “the feels” came in a manilla envelope, packed full of handwritten thank you notes. Each and every one is special, but here are some fun quotes I wanted to share with my peeps:


“The paper I wrote was actually chapter 9 of my up-coming novel. And I’m so glad you came to teach me about things I didn’t know yet.” – LR

“P.S. I’ll never forget, keep writing LOL” – Caitlin

“I didn’t even know ghostwriting was a thing! You have stood out from the others on this career day!” -Maya

“You were fun. I liked the little activity we did and I think your career is cool. “Ghostwriter.” I hope you have a great writers life even though they [the books] might not have your name on it.” (with additional sad face) – Natalya

“At first I didn’t want to be a writter, but you got me a little interested in writing for a living. I probably would be a ghostwriter because it would be easier on me.” – Kaitlyn

“You have inspired me to go the extra mile in my writing. Also, I enjoyed the writing activity very much! I will definately be using that if I have writer’s block.” – FM

“I really enjoyed what you said about ghostwriters. I love writing and ever since you talked to me about ghostwriting, I’m really interested in being a ghostwriter someday.” -Savannah

“I, myself, have considered being a writer and you allowed me to venture into the possibilities of being maybe a ghostwriter. You also inspired me when you told us to “Just write.” That may be my new favorite motto!” -Ellie

“Thank you for being here today. It was a great honor. You expire me to be a writer.” -Catherine

“You have encouraged me to start to write some more in my free time.” – Jessica

“Wright on!” -JB

“I am the bruised bannana. I hope you like my story.” – John




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