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DSCN2055 I suppose this is an “About Me” section, but those are so generic and impersonal, aren’t they? If you’ve made it this far into my website, you probably want something different. Consider these juicy tidbits I only share with you, my reader.

I don’t typically look like these photos. These are rare moments when the planets align and I am wearing my going-out clothes instead of my pajama-bottom writing clothes and my hair doesn’t have coagulated nubs of strawberry Pop-Tart goodness from being on a deadline. I seriously have never. missed. a deadline. I will go with the nubs before I miss a deadline.

You know all those authors who say “I began as a budding novelist in seventh grade”? Well, in my case it’s true. It was a hella bad story but my English teacher sent it in to Seventeen magazine anyway. Or maybe she used it for kindling on those cold Colorado nights. That story in college wasn’t much better. Somewhere between being in the middle of nowhere Kansas, bored beyond that which should be a human condition, and now, I found my stride as a writer.

If I wasn’t writing, I’d be teaching. Most preferably, about writing.

I’ve lived in five states and visited five countries. That would be a boring statistic unless I also added that I had one of those European summer romances, have chased tornadoes, lived through enough blizzabooksigningrds to know that falling snow does make a sound and enough Keith Urban concerts to qualify as a stalker.

Each of my stories has a soundtrack. Since the invention of Pandora, the soundtracks are varied and awesome. Even if I’m on the elliptical, smelling the funk of the guy on the machine next to me, when a story song comes on, I’m right back in Storyland with the first note. Music is the shortcut to my creativity.

Love scenes are the hardest for me to write.

My heroes are almost always inspired by actors, initially, but then morph into someone unique. Early inspirations include Matthew Goode, Brett Scallions, Jason O’Mara, Drew Fuller, Jared Leto and some really hot soldier in a WWII black and white. Someday we’ll play a matching game. I’ll bring the guac and the Blue Moon.

I’d love to have you on my newsletter list. I promise not to clog your inbox with frequent exploits. Somewhere between strawberry Pop-Tart and almost-never frequency. Sound good?