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Last year, I was extremely fortunate to be a paid ghost-reviewer for a high-profile ebook site. I read and reviewed close to forty self-published novels. Some were flawless, the quality consumers have come to expect from legacy publishers. Sadly, most were not.

In this ever-changing publishing climate, one thing remains constant: reader expectations. Readers deserve an error-free, immersive experience.


I have studied under and been mentored by some of the most well-respected writing instructors and authors in the industry: Candace Havens, Margie Lawson, Allison Brennan, CJ Lyons, Robin Perini. Specifically, I have reached master-class status with Margie Lawson’s methods of deep editing for psychological impact that she developed with Harlan Coban and other NY Times bestselling authors. All of these experiences take me far beyond the ability to merely line edit. I can not only see the amazing things already on the page; but, more importantly, I see what’s not yet on the page.

My freelance editing portfolio includes novellas and novels in the romance, horror, young adult, sci-fi/fantasy and self-help genres. Clients include a NY Times and USA Today bestselling romance author and a “Best of” winner at the 2014 London Book Festival.


Commercial fiction: mainstream, mystery, suspense/thrillers, YA/NA and all sub-genres of romance. No erotica, please.

Select non-fiction projects

The Book Evaluation

I read through your novel without marking on the manuscript. From my extensive notes, I construct a thorough editorial letter that guides you through the next step(s) in the process. It offers you a beginning-stage editorial peek at a lower cost while we get to know each other so that you may be confident moving forward that your project is in good hands. It also prevents you from paying for line edits before developmental attention has been given to the manuscript. Many of my ongoing editorial and coaching clients came to know me through these initial evaluations.

Flat rate based upon word count:

1000-5000     $40

5000-30,000   $80

30,000-90,000  $100

90,000+  $120

Line Edits

This level of attention eliminates passive voice and focuses on sentence structure, grammar, tightening, punctuation, cadence – all those subtle writing tricks that make fiction compelling.

I typically use track changes in Word, but I am open to the feedback methods you find most helpful. Line editing involves two complete passes of your manuscript to ensure error-free submission or self-publication.

Rates are negotiated hourly ($50/hour) or flat, based upon the level of line edit attention needed. Discounts for longer works.

Developmental Edits

Developmental, or content editing, focuses on big-picture aspects of your manuscript: character arcs, dialogue, plot threads, opening and closing scenes and writing deep for psychological impact – especially how it connects with the reader on an emotional level.

Rates are negotiated hourly ($50/hour) or flat, based upon the level of developmental edits needed. Discounts for longer works.


Terms of payment for new clients include full or partial payment before editing begins. Existing clients in good standing are billed after milestones are complete via PayPal.

Try me for FREE

Professional editors should always offer a trial amount free of charge. Send me your first five manuscript pages, and I’ll be happy to offer a free developmental and line edit.