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key-96233_1280My philosophy is that everyone is a writer. We all have stories. Connecting with others is a fundamental part of the legacy we wish to leave behind. I empower people to find their story.

I became a writing coach because it marries my teaching background to my love for crafting the written word. Joy comes as much from the process as the end product, and I find the bond between coach and client to be symbiotic. I teach writing. My clients teach me so much more.

I am a left-brained, positive, organized and highly-responsive coach. I enjoy defining our path before we set out together on the writing journey. This is not to say we cannot take your project in unexpected directions, but it is an ideal set up for a coaching situation. We both have a road map. The result is a manuscript that will feel organic to you because it is you. The end product is, of course, the goal, but the process that takes you from writer to author is almost as amazing. I guarantee you’ll own that success at the end.

I have a balanced approach to feedback. It’s equally important for an author to know what he/she is doing well to harness those strengths. Likewise, you’ll find me a challenging and thought-provoking coach who never loses sight of the ultimate goal – a satisfying journey for the reader and a successful release for the author.

How does coaching work?

The initial consultation is an up-front $100. This includes an extensive meeting via phone or Skype to discuss your ideas, your publishing goals and to answer any initial questions you might have.

After our meeting, I formulate a path of learning/writing based upon what we discussed and break it up into manageable segments where you can feel successful. We meet to go over the plan again and you set off on your journey.

At least once per month (or more if the client requests), we have an “official” check-in where we discuss progress since the last meeting, the next segment, new goals, questions that arise, and I teach you the things you need to know. At this point, my rate becomes an hourly $50. Some clients find that one, one-hour check-in per month is all that’s needed to keep them on track. Some prefer one hour or more per week. In this way you can see how your budget and your needs guide our pace. Keep in mind, this rate also incorporates the time needed to read/review your manuscript since our last check-in. You’ll also find me highly accessible. If something comes up, a quick call or email will not be on the clock.

Clients are billed post-meeting via PayPal invoice to their email address and have two weeks to submit payment. Subsequent check-in meetings will not take place until the prior meeting is paid in full. Clients have the freedom to cancel coaching at any time (though why would you?…’re rocking out a manuscript!)

Let’s discuss how coaching fits into your publishing goals.