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As a professional ghostwriter, I hold client confidentiality in highest regard. As such, it is not always possible to give project specifics. In instances where title and pen name appears, clients permitted disclosure of my services. 

“Laura is so awesome!  Very professional, reliable and ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile with exceptional results. She has created for me three beautifully crafted, intertwined stories which are a joy to read. I cannot say enough about how outstanding her work is. She has gone above and beyond my expectations! Very highly recommended!”    ~D.M. (ghostwriting, series (3) novellas-gothic NA)

“Every project Laura has worked on for us has been a knockout. Every project. A ghostwriter who simply delivers exceptional writing time and time again. She’s incredibly talented, has never missed a deadline (some even tight turnarounds) and an absolute master of her craft. Plus, she’s friendly, courteous, and has a great sense of humor as well as a hell of a sense for story. You won’t find anyone as professional and dedicated to your project as Laura. Stop reading this and hire her now.” ~H.W. (ghostwriting, series(3) novellas-romantic suspense and series (3) novellas-sports romance; Amazon Top 10 download)

“I can not say enough GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL things about L.A. Mitchell. If you want the BEST, hire her. She is very, VERY professional, an expert writer/editor, and worth every cent. Her communications are always timely. She met and exceeded all of my expectations. She has a clear vision of the projects she takes on, and she believes in them. That was so important to me. Her work is thoughtful, thorough, exceptional quality, and the list goes on. I couldn’t have chosen a better freelancer. I feel lucky to have found L.A. Mitchell and consider her a major player to the success of my project. Her talent, passion, commitment, professionalism, communication, responsiveness, ideas, and efforts will make any person lucky to have her on board. I plan to hire L.A. Mitchell for future projects and for all of my writing/editing needs. She’s that great!!!!!”~ S. M. (ghostwriting, non-fiction biographies and self-help, YA audience, 60K words)

“Exceptionally talented,outstanding work! Laura is innovative, original and operates with integrity. She has given me a piece of high quality work and dealing with her has been an absolute delight! I cannot sing her praises enough. Highly recommended!” ~ D.M. (ghostwriting, New Adult Gothic Romance Novella, first in a trilogy, 30K words)


“Laura has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is professional, organized, and delivered the high quality I was looking for in a timely way. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending her, and I certainly look forward to working with her again very soon.” ~ M.V. (Contemporary Romance Novel, Survival of the Heart, Ghostwriting)



“Awesome. The best. Laura’s amazing.” ~ J.R. (Ghostwriting, Young Adult Fantasy-Book One, 90K words)

“How many positive things can I say about L.A. Mitchell? Consummate professional with a wonderful imagination. Laura’s communication and willingness to take on my project as well as offer me guidance along the way should make her a highly sought-after writer, whatever the project. Her attention to detail and superb control of the English language proves how awesome she really is. Additionally, she created a story out of thin air (with sometimes unclear instructions from me), which makes me very thankful to have found her. The 5 stars here is completely true. Please don’t steal her from me.” ~B.R. (Paranormal Romantic Short With Series Potential, Ghostwriting)

“LA_Mitchell provides a first class service. From my initial contact she went out of her way to help guide me through the the decisions that need to be made before writing even begins – and its at this early stage that her understanding of not just writing but of the industry as well becomes clear. Based on our discussions I had no doubt the work would be technically sound – this proved to be the case but just as importantly it was engaging and perfectly pitched for the genre.” ~M. (Paranormal Romantic Novella With Series Potential, Ghostwriting)

“Awesome. Well done. Can’t say enough good about Laura. Definitely will bring her back on future projects and highly recommend her. A+++” ~J.R. (Young Adult Fantasy, Ghostwriting)

“Laura is a fantastic person to work with. She’s smart and kind and easy to talk to which is important when you’re looking for a writer, particularly a ghost writer. My project required a lot of creative help, and she was totally up to the task. We spent hours brainstorming together and she was always able to give things that little nudge to get the juices flowing in the right direction. I highly recommend her as a writer and hope we can work together again sometime in the future.” ~Chris E. (Sci-fi/Adventure/Romance Novel, Ghostwriting)


“I’m shooting myself in the foot writing this because I already have enough problems getting in her schedule…but she’s the best editor I’ve ever worked with. Professional, nuanced, thoughtful feedback that I PROMISE will make your work more publication-ready and push your writing to that crucial next level.” ~ A.P. (Developmental/Line edits, YA Sci-Fi)

“L.A. Mitchell did an outstanding job. I highly recommend her, and given the opportunity, I would hire her again in a heartbeat.” ~ Robert S. (Developmental/Line edits, Historical Conspiracy Fiction)

“A very talented, dedicated and professional freelancer. Enjoyed working with her very much and hope to do so again!” ~ NY Times and USA Today bestselling romance author (Developmental/plotting/outline, contemporary romance)


 *2014 London Book Festival Winner*

  *2014 Book Pipeline Competition Winner*

“L.A. Mitchell is top-notch. A sharp eye for detail, a deep knowledge of Chicago style, an uncanny memory for things like echo words and characterizations, a spot-on creative sensibility: she’s the full package. And she’s great to work with, besides.” ~ Miles David Romney, Managing Partner, East India Press (Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus, Copy Edits)




“Thorough? Check. Professional? Completely. Gave us the feedback we needed to take the book to a much higher level? Absolutely. Laura’s participation ensured our book was as good as it could be…and even better than we expected. Highly recommended.” ~ Brian Carter (Network Marketing for Facebook: Proven Social Media Techniques for Direct Sales and MLM Success, Developmental, Line and Copy Edits)






“I’ve worked with Laura twice, and this novel won’t be my last. She helped me with developmental and line edits for my novel, and her input helped me to grow as a writer. When working with Laura, expect one hundred percent professionalism. She is a great communicator, honest, extremely knowledgeable, and she will deliver on time. I am proud to work with Laura and call her my editor. I will definitely be working with her on my next project.” ~ Rebecca Rohman (Love, M.D., Developmental, Line and Copy Edits)



“Laura is the editor of all editors. You’d be a fool to hire anyone else. Extreme value. Two thumbs up. If I had a third thumb, this would also be up.” ~ D.F. (Finance/Marketing Non-fiction, Developmental and Line Editing)

“Laura did a fabulous job. Extremely pleased. Definitely will bring back for future jobs.” ~ J.R. (Young Adult Fantasy, Developmental Editing)

“Laura is the best editor on Elance. AMAZING insights, incredible value. She stays busy with high end ghostwriting projects and editing best selling books so if she’s available to work with you, don’t hesitate. She’s worth way more than she’s bidding.” ~D.F. (Inspirational YA, Developmental Edits)

“Fabulous. Exceeded expectations. Would strongly recommend and definitely plan on rehiring in the future.” ~ J.R. (Young Adult Fantasy, Developmental Editing)

“L.A. Mitchell was a joy to work with. She was professional, committed, a great communicator and always responded on a timely basis. I would recommend her and would love to work with her again in the future. ” ~E.H. (Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel, Developmental and Copy editing)

“Simply put, the best find I’ve come across on Elance. I sought an editor who just wouldn’t give me a simply copy job, but someone who would dig into the material, challenge me, and make my work better. My book would not where it is without LA Mitchell’s involvement. Gracious and accommodating, thorough and intelligent, creative and resourceful, LA Mitchell is the perfect collaborator. There was nothing I could slide by her that she didn’t catch. Her editing exceeded my expectations, and I know I have found a wellspring I will return to again and again. May you be so lucky to find what I have found.” ~E.V. (Developmental and Line Edit, YA Horror)


“L.A. Mitchell is an extraordinary writer, coach, mentor, critic, (sly comic) and person. She’s unlike any other I’ve worked with. She’s tremendously talented and gifted with the ability to make your work exceed your most optimistic expectations. She’s patient and gently persistent, always keeping her client’s best interests in mind, constantly pulling new ideas, motivational techniques, writing tactics and more out of her seemingly endless tool kit. I’ve never made a stronger endorsement for any consultant I’ve collaborated with – but L.A. is the real deal and will undoubtedly be in ever-growing demand. My advice? Hire her now before the word spreads. You won’t be disappointed.” ~ T.C. (Writing Coaching – Business/Self-help)

“I met Laura in early 2015 when I embarked (again) on the journey to write (read: finish) a fictional romance novel. I had started and stopped many times over the years and never got past that first chapter. Before I hired Laura, I interviewed several writing coaches and development editors. I asked each of them the same question: Do you believe in this project? They all answered in various ways, most of them dodging the question entirely. But Laura answered that question straight on. She said, ‘I absolutely believe that this story (and more importantly – you) can be published. I believe that anyone can, given the right mentoring and a strong work ethic.’

Based on that line, I hired her to work with me on my manuscript. Within six months my first chapters won second place in The Lone Star Writing Contest. A few months after that I had a completed first draft of nearly 75,000 words.

Laura pushed me when I needed to be nudged, even if it was uncomfortable for me as a writer. She helped me to see the little things that make all the difference in a good, memorable story. At each stage, she gauged my progress and adjusted her coaching accordingly—pointing out my strengths and insisting I categorize my weaknesses so I could improve them. I appreciate her prompt attention and highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving his/her writing. A lot of time will be spent outside your comfort zone, but in the end you’ll learn more than you imagined about yourself and your craft.” ~ Christina Hovland (Contemporary Romance)

“You can’t have her. I’m keeping this vendor for myself. Best editor, bar none.” ~D.F. (Writing Coaching-YA Realistic Fiction)

“I’ve hired LA Mitchell before. Best editor, writing coach and cheerleader. Always finishes on time, always delivers much more than promised or expected. Can’t say enough about LA Mitchell’s skills, experience, wisdom, and wit. I’ll be working with her again soon. ” ~D.F. (Writing Coaching-YA Realistic Fiction)