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DSC_3142_MorgueFileThe Chosen One (Book 1 of 4 – Ward Brothers Series)

90,000 words

2010 Finalist – Chase the Dream Contest

Zac Ward wants normal. He wants the first icy bite of winter to drive away tourists at the New Jersey seaside amusement park so he can sink back into his job as the lone off-season maintenance worker. He wants to check in with his parole officer and keep his nose clean. He wants a certain girl to keep her word, return to him like she promised the summer before he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Most of all, Zac wants the truth about what happened that fateful night ten years earlier when his mentally-challenged brother disappeared inside Hadley’s House of Mirrors, never to be seen again.

But Prospect Park has secrets. Haunted swings. Apparitions of lost loves. A maze of mirrors that doesn’t reflect. A Ferris wheel that gives glimpses into the past when in reverse. And a renegade band of temporal agents who will stop at nothing to preserve the fragile hope of a future time.

Zac wants normal. Ex-cons with prophets for a brother don’t always get normal.

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file9711338228664The Night Caller

85,000 words

2008 1st place-Great Expectations Contest

2011 Finalist – The Sandy Contest

After a botched robbery, hostage negotiator Evan Roth takes an extended leave of absence–a self-imposed exile–to come to terms with the loss of fourteen lives he tried to protect.  He finds refuge in restoring a nineteenth century home his grandfather left him.  A call late one night from a mysterious woman through the dusty shell of an antique crank phone leads him on a journey back in time and through the deep recesses of his own fears.  Can he find the connection to his future in the shameful secrets of the woman’s past before her deadly fate becomes his own?

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90,000 words 

2007,2009 RWA© Golden Heart nominee – Mainstream w/ Romantic Elements

2006 1st place-Southern Heat Contest

Midnight is the enemy.

Ryan Beck is an agent assassin for The Assembly, a rogue government organization he’s grown to despise.  His allegiance to their top-secret agenda marked his descent from patriot to criminal and cost him his wife and his honor.  He wants out but must complete one last mission to stay alive: obtain a serum from a ruthless scientist and use it as a bargaining chip for freedom.

Medical researcher Emma Parrish believe the time serum her brilliant but misunderstood father never completed is the holy grail of medicine.  The same men who hunted her father want the formula, along with an unforgettable stranger who seems to know the future as completely as the part of herself she shields from the world. 

A sniper’s bullet reaches Beck’s target first, shattering his mission into a reverse maze of deceit and time-altering events.  His only chance for escape is to find the moment the deadly chain of events began, somewhere at the crosshairs of loyalty and desire.

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